The January 2, 2006 Op Session

I unlocked the door at 7:45 a.m., on January 2nd to begin our operating session. Jim Kubanick was right behind me and we turned the lights on, got the coffee ready, and fired up the layout. Gary Deavers and Jon Fleming arrived next and the day became a blur of people and activity. Twenty people came and went through the day.

At right, Eric McEwuen navigates a 3.25% grade, as he and Conductor Roy Ward return with the Dobbin Turn local.

Engineer Eric McEwuen
Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company
A few things do stand out from that day, such as our five guest operators and how impressed they were with our progress and style of operations. We also ran six timetable trains and issued THIRTY train orders. I recall the yardmasters were busy the entire session and that the staging yards kept traffic flowing onto the main lines. I relished a shift as the A Tower operator and train order operator in the new office that Gary Deavers has crafted. I was overjoyed at the number of crews that came to participate and learn. Crews were called promptly to move trains out of St. George in the nine o’clock hour and I even noticed the first run of the St. George turn as a switcher trundled over to the new industrial area to set out and pull some freight cars.
Yardmaster Frank Benders moves a caboose onto an outbound train.
Frank Benders works the yard.
Of course there were a few things that didn’t go quite as smoothly. Several derailments made the helix a difficult run between HX Tower and Patterson Creek. Some locos began to run balky after about an hour of operation. While we took great pains to clean the track, much was still dirty. A couple of kinks and wiggles on the main line caused difficulties. The Digitrax system acted squirrelly at the start, but fortunately settled down. When I weigh these items against the previous paragraph, I find we still ended up having a great time running our model railroad. Gremlins will always show up to some extent, but I think we kept things moving and worked through some difficulties to have fun.
Bill Hudak notes a problem on a passing train.
Bill Hudak and Roy Ward check out a hot box on the Dobbin Turn.

The few images here were all I took through the day. As the first trick dispatcher and second trick tower operator and train order operator, I didn't have much free time to roam and snap off images of the action. If any members would like to share images from this session, please contact me and I'll post additional images. Until I get other images, these will have to do.

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Pat Miller on the job!
Pat Miller checks his paperwork.

Special thanks to our guests who traveled to Morgantown in the wee morning hours to crew trains. Thanks to all the club members who participated in the session.

Here are the crews who helped bring the West Virginian Railway to life for a few hours.

Our Guests

Greg McCartney
Eric McEwuen
Bob Prehoda
Roy Ward
Bob Weinheimer

Frank Benders
Ken Colvin
Tom Crawford
Gary Deavers
Keith Devault

Jon Fleming
David Hines
Michael Hohn
Tom Kirby
Bill Hudak, Sr
Bill Hudak, Jr

Jim Kubanick
Pat Miller
Steve Raqué
AJ Watson
Nevin Wilson