West Virginia - the Mountain State


Gary Deavers' Garysburg & Davidton Railroad

It is pretty easy to figure what Gary Deavers likes best about railroading. His modest home layout offers three functional interlocking towers to control junctions and meeting points. These are fully signalled with position lights and/or dwarf signals. Gary also does a fine job in creating a small town atmosphere in a couple of communities he has modeled. His layout is set in the early Chessie days, so older Baltimore & Ohio and Western Maryland power can be seen working the trains.

I've heard recent rumblings from Gary about rebuilding and starting over. His layout will remain operating until after the Mountain State Express convention. Those attending the convention will have an opportunity to see Gary's work first-hand. Afterwards, the West Virginia & Lake Erie may begin operations. We'll have to wait and see.

Gary and the D Tower interlocking.
Here's Gary in the operator's seat at the D Tower interlocking controls. Toggle and rotary switches control power to solenoids to throw track turnouts and change signal indications. Gary learned a great deal from sitting in the real D Tower in Grafton, W. Va., and observing the operator in action.
Hooping up the train orders
B&O 6882 is on a slow approach through the interlocking as orders await on the hoop just ahead of the dwarf signal.
A quiet moment at D Tower.
D Tower at Garysburg on the G&D.
The train order office at Davidton.
Not all rail facilities are as sturdy looking as D Tower. Here is the Davidton train order office, which is a small plywood shack with a radio antenna. The B&O had several similar structures on the Monongah Division between Fairmont and Clarksburg, W. Va.
Action at Stoney Creek Junction.
Western Maryland power awaits clearance at Stoney Creek Junction. Operating on Gary's G&D usually means waiting for clearance, just like on the prototype.
Main Street in Davidton.
Main Street in Davidton, W. Va. Gary scratchbuilt all the structures seen here and a vehicle. Most of the signage was done by hand, except for the bottlecap sign on top of the building on the right. Gary built the yellow panel truck from card. A coal processing plant looms in the background.
Downtown Garysburg.
Downtown Garysburg is a busy place as cars cruise along the main drag. Again, Gary scratchbuilt many of these structures from card.
  Gary and I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of his HO scale layout. Several other model railroad layouts from the north-central West Virginia region are featured at the home page. Take a few minutes for another tour. All aboard!