Mountaineer Week 2009

Our Mountaineer Week participation is becoming an annual event for our group. We seem to have mastered moving all the parts in and setting up the 12' x 28' display model railroad. We were running trains in the Shenandoah Room of the Mountainlair on the campus of West Virginia University by 8:30 p.m. on set-up Thursday.

Visitor interest seems to follow a similar pattern each year as Friday is a little slow and Saturday it almost a non-stop stream of people. It was great to meet so many kids and families interested in the great hobby of model railroading. Many questions were fielded about real railroads, industries, people, our club, and the inevitable "Can they go faster?!?".

Enjoy a few images taken at the 2009 Mountaineer Week event. Just keep scrolling towards the bottom of this page. Thanks to club member Frank Benders for supplying some great images. We look forward to future Mountaineer Week events. See you there!

Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company


BLAHT! BLAHT! ding ding ding ding

Longtime member Michael Hohn surveys the other side of the model railroad while a freight train speeds by on the foreground mainline.

Thundering by the tower under watchful eyes.

Fans of all sizes dropped by to watch the trains rumble along the mainline.

Freight threads through an urban canyon.

A freight train threads through a canyon of buildings as a couple visitors stroll by the display.

Heavy horsepower rounding the curve.

A pair of Western Maryland diesels muscles a fast freight along the mainline.

Surveying the line.

One end of the model railroad display with Michael Hohn carefully observing a train movement.

A busy railroad scene.

A full train of 1870 and 1880 era freight cars chugs past the depot.

Train time at the depot.

A closer view of train time at the depot.