Forest Festival 2004

Dawn came early on Saturday, October 1, 2004. Six club members loaded up the modular layout and drove to Elkins, W. Va., to set up the display for the Forest Festival. We began assembling the big puzzle shortly after our journey from Morgantown. The HO scale layout is set up in the former baggage room of the Western Maryland Railway depot. It's a tight fit for the 12' x 24' display. After some fussing, pivoting, and general mayhem, we fit the layout into the room.

Once the modules are clamped together, all the tracks are connected between sections. This can be the most rewarding aspect of the entire set-up. Jim Kubanick even shed some of his own blood to get the mainline into operation! Once the main was ready, then trains rolled along. We were ready to entertain hundreds of Forest Festival attendees.


Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company
Where do all of these wires go to.... A frenzied crew working to restore service on the mainline.
New real estate custom built by Mike Hohn!
Several modules have been upgraded, including one of the corner sections. Mike Hohn added this home to a newly leveled lot. Dig those hot wheels.
Pat Miller watches his train lean into the scrap yard curve.
Pat Miller watches his diesels lug a mixed freight past the scrap yard.

The addition of ballast to the mainline and yard tracks added a great deal to the look and feel of the yard area. A week before the event, about two linear feet of two tracks were done. Steve Raque and Andrew Cummings worked overtime to ballast the tracks. They also added dirt and ground foam along the front edge.

Special thanks to Jim Ackerman, Andrew Cummings, Gary Deavers, Keith DeVault, Dave Hines, Jim Kubanick, and Pat Miller for getting the trains rolling for the 2004 Forest Festival in Elkins, W. Va.